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The Lanai Platinum 6 Piece Set is a lighter grey wicker adaptation to the Lanai Grey.  The Lanai Platinum combines mechanical engineering with top notch design. Each seat can fully recline without the use of expensive batteries or bulky electric cords.  This innovative design uses the function of hydraulics to achieve full control of personalized reclining by a push of a button. The Lanai Set comes with two reclining chairs, each with individual controls located on the arm rest frame. The two ottomans in this collection can be used to function as the extension of the chair creating the look of a chaise lounge. Each seat in designer sofa can recline independent of the seat next to it. The two seats on the end of the Lanai sofa have easy push buttons conveniently located of the arm rest frame. The center seat of the Lanai sofa has a cleverly hidden pull tab discretely tucked on the side of the base cushion. Each person has independent control of their recliner to find the perfect position to relax. The modern clean lines of the cast aluminum coffee table is built with gorgeous multi-tonal grey ceramic tiles. The brilliant blue Sunbrella Canvas Sky Blue Cushions create firm support and makes this statement patio set truly stand out!

Lanai Platinum 6 Piece Set

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